Finally. The attention you deserve
from your health care provider.
Jared Lawson is a native Mainer, and a 2007 graduate of Parker College
of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas. Prior to attending chiropractic school,
Dr. Lawson attended the University of Maine, where he majored in
Kinesiology & Physical Education.

Dr. Lawson's area of expertise lies in treating acute musculo-skeletal
issues and long-term pain originating in joints, bones, muscles, tendons,
and ligaments. He is currently pursuing a certification in sports

Upon arrival, you will be asked to fill out paperwork detailing your
general information, health history, current symptoms, and payment
information. You will only be required to do this paperwork on your first
visit to the office.

After a review of your written health history, you will have a lengthy,
private consultation with Dr. Lawson. This is your opportunity to discuss
your current symptoms in detail. He will perform a physical exam.

After he's completed the exam, Dr. Lawson will make a diagnosis and
determine whether or not he can effectively treat your symptoms.  If
chiropractic care is appropriate for your individual situation he will
develop a treatment plan that you can begin immediately.
320 Water Street,Suite 1, Augusta, ME        (207)622-3330